The Group

The Group

A multidisciplinary team of researchers

Working on sustainable processes and materials.

In particular, the group is involved in the synthesis and characterization of ionic liquids (ILs), liquids that consist exclusively by ions, useful as green solvents for organic and bioorganic reactions, extractions and separations or as catalysts and/or additives in several fields (lubricants, brightening agents and so on).


Experimental and theoretical investigations are systematically performed to obtain information on the physico-chemical and solvent properties of such chemicals. These data are used to gain a more rational design of new ionic systems and for the development of eco-friendly processes based on their use.

Furthermore, costs and sustainability of the starting materials and synthetic procedures are parameters always considered when new ILs or processes are designed: cheap and renewable natural compounds and green syntheses are preferentially used to obtain new classes of ILs, whose environmental impact is evaluated in collaboration with another group of the University of Pisa.

The team, having multisciplinary competences, is able to

investigate the possibility to apply ILs in different areas of technology obtaining, in a short time, answers to industry needs.

Our Team