Cinzia Chiappe

Cinzia Chiappe

Team Founder and Mentor (1960 - 2019)


She received Laurea (cum laude) and Ph.D. degrees from the University of Pisa, Italy, in 1985 and 1989, respectively. After a two years period at the Regional Environmental Protection Agency, she moved to the Department of Bioorganic Chemistry (University of Pisa) as a researcher. Since 2002 she is Full Professor of Organic Chemistry of the University of Pisa.

Her primary research interests focus on the ionic liquids (ILs) chemistry and their application. Using the tools of physico-organic chemistry her research group is dedicated to obtain information on ILs and their physico-chemical and biological properties, often correlating experimental results with theoretical calculations. The goal of her research work is indeed to develop new classes of optimized ILs to apply as solvents and/or catalysts in real-world problems: in other words to provide more effective chemical reactions or to develop novel platforms for more efficient extractions, separations and, more in general, energy-saving processes.

She is author or co-author of over 200 publications including some chapters in RSC- ACS- Wiley Monographs on Ionic Liquids and she has given more than 100 invited lectures at international conferences and research institutions.

External Positions: Italian Representative for COST Action CM 1206 EXIL – Exchange on Ionic Liquids.

Membership: Member of Italian Chemical Society and American Chemical Society, she is Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry. Furthermore, she is member of the international Advisory Boards of Green Chemistry and of the International Committee of European Symposium of Organic Chemistry (ESOC). During the last ten years, she has been member of several symposium and conferences on Green Chemistry (Dechema conferences, COIL,..)

Awards: Ordine del Cherubino 2019, Università si Pisa (postumo), Mangini Medal of Italian Chemical Society, Organic Chemistry Division, 2013

Address: Dipartimento di Farmacia – Via Bonanno 33, 56126 Pisa, Italy