The group

The group is involved in the synthesis and characterization of ionic liquids (ILs).


Experimental and theoretical investigations are systematically performed.

new ILs

Sustainability of the starting materials are parameters always considered when new ILs are designed:


The team, having multisciplinary competences, is able to investigate the possibility to apply ILs in different areas of technology.

The group logo

The logo of the website, that represent an ionic capital, is extracted by the book “Gli ordini di architetture“.

Ionic Liquids

Ionic liquids (ILs), low temperature molten salts composed exclusively by ions (generally, by an asymmetric imidazolium, ammonium, phosphonium or sulfonium cation associated to a polyatomic anion) have attracted in the last ten years the interest of a growing number of researchers and scientists for their potential in both experimental and theoretical sciences.

Surely, the fact that they are composed of ions alone and are still liquid at ambient conditions has been reason enough to evoke the initial interest among researchers.

But, the option of fine-tuning the physico-chemical properties by an appropriate choice of cation and anion is the fact that has stimulated much of the current activity on these compounds, which are consequently defined as “designer solvents”.

Really, ILs represent a unique solvation environment for organic and inorganic reactions and catalyzed processes; their structural features can affect reactivity and selectivity, can control formation of polymeric materials, shape and dimension of nanoparticles, form of crystalline compounds.


A new research topic has been created regarding Ionic Liquids and Deep Eutectic Solvents, their common properties, their unique features and their ability to replace the traditional volatile organic compounds will be discussed. These two new green solvents are the main subject of our research and one of the topic editors of this Frontiers research topic is Prof. Lorenzo Guazzelli. Check the link and submit your manuscript!


The University of Pisa, the Department of Pharmacy and PhD students of "Science of Drug and Bioactive Substances" invite all interested participants to attend the 1st International Conference on "Innovative Research in Pharmaceutical and Environmental Sciences".

This conference offers a well organised scientific program to the audience and includes a wide range of keynote presentations, plenary lectures, symposia, and poster presentations.