Innovative Research in Pharmaceutical and Environmental Sciences

The University of Pisa, the Department of Pharmacy and PhD students of “Science of Drug and Bioactive Substances” invite all interested participants to attend the 1st International Conference on “Innovative Research in Pharmaceutical and Environmental Sciences”.

This conference offers a well organised scientific program to the audience and includes a wide range of keynote presentations, plenary lectures, symposia, and poster presentations.

The Pharmaceutical Sciences combine a broad range of scientific disciplines with a crucial role in drug discovery and drug development, which include Drug Discovery, Drug Design, Drug Action, Clinical Research, Pharmacoeconomics, Drug Delivery, Drug Analysis and Regulatory Affairs. The Environmental Sciences integrate different research fields to study the environment and different solutions to environmental problems, with particular interest towards Green Chemistry.

The Conference is organised by PhD students of Department of Pharmacy of the University of Pisa and it is financed by the same Department and University. They devised the Conference as a unique occasion to broadly disseminate recent advances in the field of pharmaceutical and environmental science research, giving the opportunity to young researchers to increase their knowledge and to establish collaborations and job networks.

In the memory of Prof. Cinzia Chiappe, the best Keynote Lecture will be awarded a prize given by the Scientific Committee.

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