Luca Guglielmero

Luca Guglielmero

Post-Doc Researcher


Student at Scuola Normale Superiore, he obtained his graduation cum laude in “Chimica”(organic chemistry curriculum) at SNS and Pisa university in February 2018. During his degree he worked under the supervision of Prof. Cinzia Chiappe on the synthesis and characterization of novel dicationic and dicationic-dianionic ionic liquids, with a particular focus on the study of the relationship between structure and physicochemical properties, also in collaboration with the Physics Department of Unipi. The work further developed into an investigation of the catalytic performances of the previously reported ionic liquid classes in the reaction of CO2 cicloaddition to epoxides.

In March 2018 he started a Research Scholarship in the same group working on the design and synthesis of vanadium based ionic liquids and, in collaboration with the University of Siena, on the study of the interaction between vanadium complexes and ionic liquids. In addition to the wide experience in the synthesis and characterization of ionic liquids, this period widened his skills on the utilization of several instruments (NMR, TGA, DSC, CV, EIS, FT-IR, THz, UV-Vis and more).

Since November 2018 he is PhD student in “Ingegneria dell’Energia, dei sistemi, del Territorio e delle Costruzioni” at the University of Pisa under the supervision of Prof. Ceraolo, Prof. Chiappe and Prof. Giglioli. The topic of his research, in continuation of his Scholarship work and in collaboration with Aarhus University and Tor Vergata University, has started with the study and the development of new electroactive fluids for Vanadium Redox Flow Batteries. However, his research interest are also pointing toward the design and development of other types of electrolytes for both inorganic and organic based Redox flow Batteries.