Stefano Becherini

Stefano Becherini

PhD Student


He obtained his graduation in “Chimica e Tecnologie Farmaceutiche” (CTF) in July 2016 at University of Pisa. During his degree he worked on the synthesis of gold and silver nanoparticles stabilized by bio-active ionic liquids, he learned how to synthesize and characterize several ionic liquids using both traditional and unconventional strategies. He worked also with carbohydrates acquiring a wide knowledge in their synthesis and characterization.

Since October 2016 he is a PhD studies in Science of Drugs and Bioactive Substances at the University of Pisa with Prof. Cinzia Chiappe as supervisor. The focus of his research is about ionic liquids and natural polysaccharides (cellulose mainly, but also chitosan, chitin, lignin and keratin). In these years he acquired great experience in their manipulation (physical and chemical), and characterization, using several instruments (NMR, TGA, DSC, FT-IR, SEM and EDS, XRD, tensile strength, confocal microscope and more).

During the years 2018/19 he worked for six months in the labs of Marquette University (Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA) under the supervision of Prof. Chieu D. Tran.